Energy planning in Ukraine

The main objective of the project is to support Ukraine in planning for its future green energy system.

The project is part of a partnership program between Ukraine and Denmark, to achieve the goals of the Energy Strategy of Ukraine for 2050.

Building DK-BioRes

Improving and updating the Energy System Model for Ukraine (TIMES-Ukraine), to contain the newest trends and technologies.

The model is used for long-term energy systems and climate policy planning.

Supporting the development of the Action Plan, showing the road towards national greenhouse gas reductions in Ukraine.

Duration: September 2020 – April 2021

Program: Ukraine-Denmark Energy Partnership Program (UDEPP)

EML Team: Mikkel Bosack Simonsen, Kenneth Karlsson

Client: The Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources in Ukraine

Donor: Danish Energy Agency

Budget: DKK 382.050

Reference: Mourad Boucenna

Model: TIMES-Ukraine