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Model development

Building DK-BioRes

Energy System Models are our data driven tools that tie together energy flows and emissions through all sectors. The models work on a country, regional, or city level, and are used to identify synergies across sectors.

Our models help decision makers across the world to focus on the big picture and sport the high impact solutions.

With our long background in energy system modelling we can both develop new and support existing models.

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Scenario analysis

We improve decision making through scenario analysis, enabling an informed sustainable transition.

Our data-driven models can help answering a series of questions regarding the sustainable transition. What is a sufficient climate goal? Which means are most effective in the pursuit of the goal and what is the effect of a given policy, such as a CO2-tax? Testing scenarios in a simulated reality is a strong tool in making the right decisions.

Energy Modelling Lab is a skilled team of modelers, and we can assist decision makers in answering these important questions .

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Technology assessment

We pinpoint the role of new and developing technologies in the future energy system.

When investing in emerging technologies, a series of key questions need to be answered. What is the future demand of the service? Where is the optimal location with regards to both inputs, outputs and utilization of biproducts, such as excess heat? What are the future energy costs?

With our in-depth understanding of energy markets, we can perform detailed assessments of the green technologies of the future.

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Workshops and education

A ModelLab workshop is a space for the most important conversations of our time. During the workshop the participants will need to agree on both climate goals and a viable path to reach those goals.

We believe, that if you want results, gather the right people in the same room and give them access to all the relevant information. Therefore, the workshop is designed as an informed conversation, where hypotheses and policies can be tested real time in our model tools.

The participants leave the workshop with a common understanding of the sustainable transition ahead of us and the necessary future steps.

Sharing our knowledge through talks and teaching is part of the our core.

We tailor tailor courses within a range of topics. From the broad outline on how to create a carbon neutral society for high school students to the technical details in our energy system models for professionals.

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