About us

We want to see the green transition happen and witness the end of the fossil fuel era. As engineers and experts on energy system analysis, we are chipping in our knowledge and dedication to counter climate change. Our professional integrity and independence of political and economic interests are core values.


Kenneth Karlsson

Director and partner

Competencies: Energy systems modelling, socio-economic analysis, ModelLab method

Education: PhD, Technical University of Denmark

Telephone: +45 21328733

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Ida Græsted Jensen


Competencies: energy systems modelling, mathematical modelling, and teaching

Education: PhD, Technical University of Denmark

Telephone: +45 93992199

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Till ben Brahim


Competencies: energy systems modelling, Python-scripts, and results views

Education: MSc, Europa-Universität Flensburg

Telephone: +45 55227317

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Andrea Marin Radoszynski


Competencies: python-scripts, energy systems modelling, and data handling

Education: MSc Technical University of Denmark

Telephone: +45 50111953

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Pernille Bramming

Communications consultant

Competencies: Communication, project coordination and administration

Education: MA, University of Roskilde

Telephone: +45 21901018

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Julius Lindberg Steensberg

Student assistent

Competencies: Energy system modelling

Education: BA, Technical University of Denmark

Telephone: +45 29611807

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