About us

Basically, we just want to save the world – make the world liveable for everybody, their children and grand children. Okay, we are just energy modellers, so we cannot do it alone, but we will do what we can to push for a more fair, prosperous and environmentally friendly global way of living.

Kenneth Karlsson
  • Co-founder and partner
  • kenneth.karlsson@energymodellinglab.com
  • +45 21328733
  • CV – Europass, short, projects

More than 20 years experience with energy system modelling at Risø National Laboratory and Technical University of Denmark, six years heading a research group called Energy System Analysis. Five years of experience with macro economic models including linking them to energy system models. Developed the ModelLab method to engage stakeholders and policy makers in scenario creation. From 2017 to 2019 operating agent for the IEA-ETSAP technology collaboration platform, which is the international community for TIMES model developers and since 2018 member of the Balaton Group.

Mikkel Bosack Simonsen
Mikkel's photo
  • Co-founder and partner
  • mikkel.bosack@energymodellinglab.com
  • +45 29383337

3 years TIMES energy system modelling at DTU and previous member of the researcher council KOR (Klima- og OmstillingsRådet). Involved in the 2018 and 2019 political discussions on energy strategies in Denmark through open data and results webpages as https://energiaftalen.tokni.com/

Ida Græsted Jensen
  • Partner
  • ida.jensen@energymodellinglab.com
  • +45 93992199

Worked for seven years at DTU with the energy systems analysis model, Balmorel, and developing smaller models for specific topics within energy, e.g. a supply chain model for biogas production. Taught +700 students in a master’s course on energy systems modelling and analysis and +50 professionals and PhD students in Balmorel. 

Till ben brahim
  • Consultant
  • till@energymodellinglab.com
  • +45 55227317

Worked for three years at DTU energy systems analysis with models such as Balmorel and Leap. Developed smaller optimization models for the shipping sector and several data I/O processing and visualization scripts in Python and R. For more information see https://github.com/tilseb.

Alexandra O’Sullivan Freltoft

Alexandra has a master’s degree in engineering within mathematical modelling from the Technical University of Denmark. As an analyst and consultant at Copenhagen Optimization she has gained experience within modelling and optimizing complex systems and implementing the solutions at hospitals and airports around the world. During her time at the thinktank Frej she has gained a thorough understanding of the climate challenges and solutions within agriculture and has facilitated workshops, debates and talks on the topic for both representatives from the industry, students and politicians.

Andrea Marin Radoszynski

With more than four years of working experience in the energy sector, Andrea approaches problems in an integrated and multidisciplinary way. She holds a M.Sc. on Sustainable Energy from the Technical University of Denmark with focus on renewable energy integration. As a researcher at Energy Markets & Analytics she has looked at new electricity market designs, analysing the system from the wholesale to the consumer level.  Throughout her career at Ørsted she has gained experience in modelling and analysing complex systems, developing tools to improve data management and communicating the results to a diverse audience.