About us

Basically, we just want to save the world – make the world liveable for everybody, their children and grand children. Okay, we are just energy modellers, so we cannot do it alone, but we will do what we can to push for a more fair, prosperous and environmentally friendly global way of living.


Kenneth Karlsson

Co-founder and partner

Competencies: Energy systems modelling, socio-economic analysis, ModelLab method

Fun fact: virtually in Sweden once a week

Telephone: +45 21328733

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Mikkel Bosack Simonsen

Co-founder and partner

Competencies: energy systems modelling, energy technologies, analysis

Fun fact: Loves climbing

Telephone: +45 29383337

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Ida Græsted Jensen


Competencies: energy systems modelling, mathematical modelling, and teaching

Fun fact: Plays the clarinet

Telephone: +45 93992199

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Till ben Brahim


Competencies: energy systems modelling, Python-scripts, and results views

Fun fact: regular visitor at La Banchina

Telephone: +45 55227317

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Andrea Marin Radoszynski


Competencies: python-scripts, energy systems modelling, and data handling

Fun fact: passionate dancer

Telephone: +45 50111953

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