• Newsletter Winter 2024
    The past year has been very active and productive as we show in our Newsletter Winter 2024. We have created the TIMES-KUWAIT model and further developed the TIMES-Vietnam, TIMES-Jordan, and TIMES-NEU models. The latter covers Northern Europe. We have also embarked on several research projects. One focuses on PtX, another on modelling the AFOLU sector. …
  • Hydrogen fuel cells in shipping
    It’s necessary to ban the use of fossil fuels to complete the green transition in shipping. To put it short, this is the main finding of our new research study that has been published in the leading journal Marine Policy (May 2024).
  • Early Action on Energy Efficiency
    Energy Modelling Lab has contributed to a background study focusing on buildings and industries. We presented key energy efficiency messages at the IEA Energy Efficiency Conference 2022 in Sønderborg.
  • Analysis of future energy market
    Energy Modelling Lab has made an analysis of the future energy market in Northern Europe. The analysis has served as reference in a major report on future Danish hydrogen infrastructure published by CIP Foundation.
  • Newsletter winter 2023 – An inspiring visit to NY
    An inspiring visit to NY sowed the seed for a new clean model structure, that enables automated model building.

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