Teaching energy system modelling

Ida Græsted Jensen teaching energy system modelling
Ida Græsted Jensen teaching energy system modelling

What would be the impact on carbon emissions if a country replaced 50% of coal-based energy production with solar solutions? Or increase wind energy production to meet growing demand instead of increasing gas-based energy production? We can obtain the answers to such questions by running simulations or creating scenarios in advanced mathematical models.

For several years now, Ida Græsted Jensen, PhD, and partner in Energy Modelling Lab, has been teaching how to understand and use energy system modelling. One of the courses is organized by DANIDA Fellowship Centre. It is focusing on the Balmorel Model and is taking place at the Technical University of Denmark.

The participants learn to construct a Balmorel Model tailored to their own country. The purpose is to find the optimal future investments in energy systems. They will be able to understand large-scale energy system analyses and analyze energy systems. Additionally, critical thinking on results, use, and key assumptions plays an important part in the course.

course on energy modelling

The course targets professionals, who are either new to modelling in Balmorel or need to refresh their skills. Participants must have basic knowledge of energy systems.

Date: August 2023

EML Team: Ida Græsted Jensen

ClientDANIDA Fellowship Centre

Reference: Professor Marie Münster, Danish Technical University

Collaborators: Technical University of Denmark, Ea Energy Analyses, and RAM-lose


PhD-course at DTU in energy modelling

Energy Modelling Lab was asked by the Technical University of Denmark to help organise and run the PhD-course Introduction to Balmorel.

Throughout the 3-week course, the students gained knowledge of
– Energy systems analysis and scenarios
– Mathematical optimization
– The energy systems model Balmorel

Date: August 2021

EML Team: Ida Græsted Jensen

Client: Technical University of Denmark

Collaborators: RAM-lose

Model: Balmorel

Training international energy modelers

Energy Modelling Lab was asked by DTU to help organizing and run the course Introduction to Balmorel.

Through the 4-week course the students learned:
– How to do system energy modelling
– To use the Balmorel modelling tool.

The course included visits from the Danish Energy Agency and Ea Energy Analysis. Further more the students went on field trips to both Danish Energy and Energy Modelling Lab.

The course was tailored to modelers from developing and growing countries, and had 20 participants from five different countries. It was run at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), through the Danida Fellowship Centre.

Date: August 2021 – September 2021.

Contact person, EML: Ida Græsted Jensen

Contact, DTU: Marie Münster

Other participants: Ea Energy Analyses, RAM-lose