Projects and Work


We do a broad range of consultancy work and support research. It includes helping with existing energy models, setting up new models from scratch, teaching the use of models, teaching the use of scenario analysis, helping planning and organising scenario analysis and workshops. We advice companies, ministries, municipalities and governments.

Nordic Clean Energy Scenarios 2020 – Technology Pathways for Nordic carbon neutrality (NCES2020)

TIMES model development and scenario analysis for the Nordic Energy Research NCES2020 project with the purpose of informing decision-makers and support the common Nordic commitment to carbon neutrality through strong, collaborative Nordic research and analysis. Development of the open source Nordic model to include all of the 5 nordic countries. As well as, supporting with linking the Balmorel and TIMES models through the SPINE framework.

Danish Energy Agency

Model and data development for the Danish Energy Agency. A flexible time slice aggregation tool has been designed for the TIMES-DK energy system model.

Collaboration partners

Danish Board of Technology Foundation
Scenario workshops (ModelLab Workshops)
TIMES modelling and methodology development
Ea Energy Analyses
Modelling, tool development and analysis
Web tools and games


  • 15/10-2019 Modellering af Transport i TIMES-DK
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